Our Members Feedback

25-03-2017 - Jane Clements, Jane's Cat Care Service, Sheldon:
"I've been with NarpsUK now for two years. I have started my cat sitting service and my clients are coming in steady. Thank you for your support.
Jane x"
02-08-2016 - Jessica Grosvenor , Claws, Paws, Wings And Things - Pet Sitting Service, Essington:
"Very supportive, Thank you for all your support and guidance. "
24-05-2016 - Ellie Paton, www.bespokehounds.com, Fulham:
"Hi, I just wanted to say Thank you for your association. It has really helped me over the last few weeks of setting up as a professional dog walker.
I think its been a great resource and it has been worth its weight in gold.
Have a lovey day.
Ellie "