6 Reasons A Professional Pet Sitter Is Better Than Friends Or Family

So you’re thinking about going on holiday or have a business trip coming up and you’re sure that one of your friends or family members can watch your pet during your absence. But is this really the best choice for you and your animal?

While your dog or cat may be familiar with this choice, there’s many other things to consider when putting this responsibility onto someone you know and trust. Here’s six reasons why hiring a professional pet sitter is better than choosing from a family member or friend:

6 Reasons A Professional Pet Sitter Is Better Than Friends Or Family

1 – Obligation

Asking for this type of commitment from someone comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Often friends or family may agree to do so out of sense of guilt or not wanting to disappoint you. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who is completely committed to the care of your pet?

2 – In Case of an Emergency

Since pet sitters are schooled with special concepts of pet care, like first aid training, if something did happen to your pet while you’re away, they will know exactly what to do. Whether it’s a simple scratch or a necessary emergency trip to the vet, a professional would know the difference and act accordingly.

3 – Finances

Perhaps nothing can destroy a relationship with a close friend or family member like dealing with an unfortunate financial dilemma. On the off chance your pet does become injured or ill after your departure, who is responsible financially … is it you because it’s your animal … or the pet sitter since the animal was under their care? Since professionals are licensed, registered and insured, you won’t even have to have this uncomfortable conversation with someone you’ve had a lifelong relationship with.

4 – Special Circumstances

Professional pet sitters are also able to better address special circumstances that may come into play depending on your animal’s unique situation. Perhaps they’re on a restricted diet, take special medications, on a strict exercise regime or other important issues. Other tasks like cleaning their water bowls or changing a litter box could be overlooked by someone who is not a professional.

5 – Dependability

When you hire a professional service, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Face it, some of our friends and family members aren’t necessarily the most dependable people on the planet. Not to say they shouldn’t be trusted, but sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. What if your intended caretaker was involved in a car accident, has to work late or some type of an emergency occurs … where does this leave your pet?

6 – Other Services

Often there’s more to pet sitting than just spending time with the animal and taking care of their needs. Pet sitting services will often perform other household tasks, picking up the mail, newspapers, taking out the trash, even house sitting if that is what makes you feel the most comfortable.

In closing, consider that professional animal sitters are simply better equipped to deal with a number of situations that could arise during your absence. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.

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