pet sitting and dog walking information sheets


Pet professionalism - is doing it right

How do you start your own pet sitting or dog walking business?

Easy, you educate yourself, by reading information fact sheets like the ones below, by taking pet sitting courses, by reading related books and internet material. You can never have too much information, knowledge will give you confidence that you are doing things right.

Gain access to all these invaluable fact and guidance sheets below (and many more) to help you manage your business in a professional and legitimate manner.

1. How to start and run your own pet sitting business
2. How to become a professional Dog Walker
3. How to operate a dog walking business
4. Do I need a dog boarding licence to board a dog in my home
5. How to be a good dog sitter
6. Cat fact file; How to care for a cat
7. Rabbit fact file; How to care for a rabbit
8. Are you ready to run your own business
9. Are you capable of running your own business
10. What should I do if I lose a dog
11. How to stop a dog from barking
12. RSPCA dog fact file
13. Separation anxiety behaviour
14. Transporting dogs in cars
15. Advertising on a budget
16. What is a business plan
17. Pet's Accident and Illness Report
18. Dog's behaviour

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