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Why use a registered pet sitter?

Your dog will be much happier either staying in its own home with a live in pet sitter or in a pet sitter's home with a family environment where he will receive lots of tender loving care and attention. Your pet sitter will follow your feeding & exercise instructions, allowing your pet to follow the routine they are used to at home. When boarding in the sitter's home, dogs usually have access to a secure garden. If you are using a dog walker to come to your home to pet sit or for dog walking purposes, be sure to ask to see their CRB check certificate if they will be holding a set of your keys. If you are using a home dog or cat boarder - be sure that they are licensed by their local authority.

Finding a reliable, legitimate pet sitter to care for your beloved pet pals couldn't be easier with NarpsUK.

Click here to read the Code of Practice set for our members.

NarpsUK is a member of UK Rural Skills animal welfare committee and therefore committed to improving the continuing learning and training of the pet sitting industry. We are currently on the UK Rural Skills steering committee to make recommendations to Ukas for industry National occupational standards for pet sitting and dog walking.

In our efforts to encourage pet sitters to provide a profession service, NarpsUK provides its members with unique and official emblems which, when displayed on their websites and literature, shows pet owners that the pet care provider is a member of NarpsUK.

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