Question: I want to join NarpsUK but I don't want my profile to show to the public yet as I am just setting up my business, and are all of my details editable in my profile including email address?
Answer: Yes this is no problem, when you fill in your registration form there is a tick box asking if you want your profile set as active or non-active, if you are not ready for customers yet then set this to non-active until you are ready. All of the fields are editable including your email address and password.

Question: Under what circumstances may I get removed from the NarpsUK register?

Answer: If you are reported for abuse, animal cruelty, theft and/or having a criminal record, we withhold the right to disable/delete any users account at any time to protect our members, our company image and of course our adorable pets. Removal from our site for such circumstances DOES NOT entitle you for a refund.

Question: Can I get a refund?
Answer: No NarpsUK does not give refunds because once a new member logs into the member's area for the first time they can download or print all of our forms, contracts, pet sitting business plan, employment contract, membership certificate, flyer, logo, emblems, etc. We give full information of what benefits are received by joining NarpsUK so that you can make an informed decision before joining.

Question: Do I need a Criminal Record Check carried out?
Answer: Only if you will be holding keys for dog walking, pop in services or pet sitting in the owner's home, a customer will want to see a Criminal Record disclosure certificate to confirm that you do not have an criminal records against you. We do not enforce this but strongly recommend that you have one carried out.

Question: I am a dog walker, is your member's feedback and scoring system only for customers who have used us via NarpsUK or can my exiting customers leave me feedback too?
Answer: When you setup your profile you will be given a profile URL, you may pass this on to any clients who can then leave feedback on your profile. All that is required by them is to confirm their email address.

Question: What is your member's database/calendar for?
Answer: The database/calendar is a great tool and is free within the full members package, this database will prove to be invaluable to pet sitting and dog walking businesses, you can store your customers and pet details on it including emergency numbers, vets details, dates of vaccinations, dog walking times, length of dog walk etc and also store every booking that a customer makes with you including the bookings dates, what service was provided, cost per day, total cost, deposit paid whether the booking was cancelled, this way when a customer contacts you next year you can check back to the dogs behaviour during the stay and any problems or medication, and how much you charged etc. There is also a calendar,an invoicing system and a printable schedule.