pet sitting and dog walking forms and contracts

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If you want to earn money from pet sitting or dog walking then you have got to do it right, within the requirements of what is needed to run your business your service contracts should be right at the top of the list. Running your business without contracts in place would be business suicide, these legal forms and contracts are there to protect you and your business when things go wrong. They will clarify what service is being provided for what costs so there are no misunderstandings. 

Also having the right forms and contracts in place will give you credibility and install confidence in your clients. Our forms and contracts have been drawn up by a contracts solicitor and will stand up in court if needed. Join NarpsUK and all of your forms and contracts are included in your membership fee, when you log into your account page click onto the 'Forms and contracts' button to download these onto your PC and then add your own business details and logo if required.


Pop In Service

House information Sheet

Key Release Form

Owner Checklist

Pop In Booking Form

Pop In Report Card

Pop In Service Agreement

House Sitting

House Sitting Booking Form

House Sitting Information Sheet

House Sitting Service Agreement

House Sitting Report Card

Key Release Form

Owner Checklist

Home Boarding

Home boarding booking form

Home boarding service agreement

Home boarding Owner Checklist

Risk Assessment Policy for Home Boarding (This may be required by your local authority when applying for a home boarding licence)

Dog Walking

Dog walking Service agreement

Dog walking booking form

House Information Sheet

Key Release Form

Dog Walking Report Card

Doggie Day Care

Day care booking form

Day care service agreement

Customer check list

Caged Animals

Booking Form

Service Agreement

Additional Pet Sitting Forms

Customer Invoice

Deposit Confirmation

Key Release Form

Veterinary Release Form

Medication Log

Medication Permission Slip

Pet Accident and illness Report

Cat Flap Disclaimer

Telephone Reservation Sheet

Risk Assessment Form - This is sometimes required by Local Authorities for home boarding licensing

Pet Taxi Booking Form

Recruitment Forms

Recruitment Procedure - How and where to advertise to recruit helpers or host families

Enquiry Response Letter

Info Pack Example

Interview form

Pet Sitter Application Form

Employment Contract

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