About Us

"NarpsUK is the Professional Association for Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers"



Bringing professionalism and standards to the pet sitting & dog walking industry

Ensuring pet sitters work to our code of conduct and fulfil their professional roles

Creating industry standards & guidelines

Providing business support, advice
& guidance to help pet sitters
trade legitimately &


Providing education, courses & information to our members

Updating members on changes to animal welfare legislation, educating & informing

Delivering accredited industry specific
courses to ensure members are
adequately qualified for their profession

Allowing members to share
experiences & advice to
learn from one


Leadership allows us to
make government representation
on behalf of our pet professional

Involvement in local and central govt. animal welfare groups and committees

Representing the industry at National
skills council committee meetings,
parliamentary groups, and
alongside animal

NarpsUk are committed to promoting excellence and raising industry standards for pet sitters and dog walkers. We will endorse professionalism, encourage education and represent our members at all levels.


"The pet industry in the United States and many other countries is booming. The pet industry continues to prove itself nearly recession proof. Citing results from a recent survey on pet products and services, market research company WSL indicates that 81% of respondents are spending the same amount or more on their pets despite the tough economic times." (https://www.franchisehelp.com/industry-reports/pet-care-industry-report)

NarpsUK has been established to help pet sitters, dog walkers, home boarders and house sitting workers run their businesses in a professional and ethical manner. As the number of successful businesses grows it is important that our members are recognised for the vital role they play in helping pets to be cared for properly while their owners are away and for us to increase our membership base within the industry.

In order to promote members to pet owners as the first port of call when seeking a pet sitter or dog walker, we are able to demonstrate members professionalism by adherence to our Code of Practice and the requirement for continuous professional development through education and training.

Services offered by our members include: dog walking, pet/house sitting, home boarding, pop-in services, caged animals care and pet taxi services. By representing our members at local and national government level we can ensure that their interests are not adversely affected by any proposed changes to legislation.


  • To set industry standards by working with government, local authorities and partner organisations
  • To promote best practice and represent the interests of members and the wider profession at local and national government levels
  • To support pet care professionals to deliver high standards of care by providing quality information, education and training
  • To provide our members with benefits which reduce costs and achieve a more profitable business


Narpsuk was founded in 2007 by a team of experts with extensive experience within the Pet Sitting Industry. Due to an absence of any authoritive organisation, the founders felt an association needed to be established to actively set industry standards and guidelines for pet sitters and dog walkers, as well as making education and training material available to its members.

Up until the point of when Narpsuk was established there was uncertainty by pet sitters of what was required to run a legitimate and professional pet sitting service. There were many sources of conflicting information available which were leaving pet sitters confused and unable to provide a professional service. NarpsUK was in the forefront by consulting with external animal welfare partners and business experts to establish what tools and guidelines are required to run a successful and professional business.