Helping pet sitters and dog walkers to succeed

Establishing a new business is difficult and, when starting from scratch, you need all the help you can get. That is why being part of a National Trade Association with an established reputation is invaluable. In fact it could be the difference between your business thriving or not. Here at NarpsUK we know that being a part of our brand will enable you to take the necessary steps to get your pet sitting and dog walking service off to the best start possible.

Why Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Companies, Businesses and Individuals should join a Trade Association

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking businesses should join NarpsUK because it is an Industry Trade Association and, in the long term, it is in your financial interest to do so. Trade Associations sit at the heart of their industry and offer many benefits to members including money saving activities, free advice on many issues, access to special rates through affinity services etc. Enhancement of a company's reputation often follows joining a Trade Association. For many industries, membership of the industry association is seen as a badge of quality and trust.

Trade associations are seen as the voice of their sector and able to represent all of their members are every level. This is an extremely powerful asset for members and, as the membership base grows, so does the Trade Association's authority. Associations are trusted and central to their industry, providing opportunities for networking and learning, as well as acting as a source of accurate industry information. Associations provide immediate updates regarding changes in industry technical standards, policy and news which are disseminated to members and provide an early warning system with advice on how to deal with the issues which may be encountered as a result.

What we can do for you

One of our greatest assets is our sheer size. We have more members than any other similar organisation, making us the largest Trade Association in the UK for pet sitters and dog walkers. This success is because we offer the very best service to our members.

  • You will be trusted by your clients because you will be expected to follow our code of conduct. Our pet sitters are considered the best because we insist that this is the case and this puts you one step ahead of your competitors
  • We expect our members to hold pet sitting business insurance, have a criminal records check if you are holding keys, have a local authority licence if you offer home dog boarding
  • You will receive a NarpsUK membership certificate to show your potential clients
  • You will be able to trade as a registered NarpsUK member using our logo
  • We will provide you with emblems and logos to show off your NarpsUK Membership, Qualifications, Insurance, Criminal Record Check and Home Boarding Licence on your marketing material or website (as long as you hold these certificates)
  • You will receive the very best coverage both in their own location and beyond
  • Our website offers a star ranking section for each of our members and your feedback can be viewed by your prospective clients
  • You will have access to our own in-house member’s forum where you can discuss your business with other pet sitters and dog walkers in a safe environment. It is a great place to share opinions and problems
  • We offer professional contract and forms templates for you to supply to your clients
  • You will be able to access our free online Business Management system to store your client details and bookings with a calendar, printable schedule and invoicing system
  • We even give you access to our experts and professionals for all the advice and support you will ever need.

Why choose us

NarpsUK is justifiably proud of the reputation we have. Our aim is to represent our members and get our standards adopted across the UK.

We are considered experts in our field and are members of the steering committee for UK Rural Skills and other Government committees. UK Rural Skills have been commissioned to review the Animal Care and Welfare project and make recommendations for occupational standards for the pet sitting, dog walking and home boarding industry. As members of the working committee we will be asking our members for their views when making recommendations to UK Rural Skills.

We are proud members of the Trade Association Forum.

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