Pet Sitter and Dog Walking Business Membership Benefits

NarpsUK is an award winning association that is committed to making your pet sitting business or dog walking business a success - our expertise means that your business can't fail.

* Membership to the largest Pet sitting and Dog Walking
Association in the UK and Membership Certificate

* Pet Sitting Business Plan


* Professional Forms and
Contracts created by a solicitor


* Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Software and
Integrated App to manage your business


* Extra Work by creating a profile
which is uploaded to our post code
search results

* Discounted Business Insurance


* Your own profile with a unique URL which can be used as a website, including reviews, star rating, messaging, logo upload, gallery and social media links


* Free listing on Find a Local Pet Sitter

* Free help, support and guidance


* Logos and Emblems


* Information Sheets on how to start and
run your business, what to do if you lose
a dog, how to become a professional dog
walker, etc


* Pet Sitting Accounting Package


* Members Only Forum


* Access to Criminal Record Checks

* Discounted UK Rural Skills Accredited Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Course

Start your own pet sitting business today

Boost your business and credibility with
NarpsUK Pet Sitter Membership

NarpsUK is one of the only Trade Associations in the UK dedicated to helping its pet sitting members operate legitimately and professionally, thus reassuring your clients they receive a quality and dependable first-class service. A service they can trust. Read NarpsUK code of conduct

Joining NarpsUK is like having a Business Advisor by your side every step of the way. We will provide you with help, advice, support and direction when you need it - be part of our ever growing community.

There are some pitfalls that you can face without the correct knowledge and training, for example did you know that you need a home boarding license from your local authority to home board dogs? Or that if you are holding customer's keys then you should have a basic disclosure criminal record check carried out? But these are pitfall that can be so easily overcome. And you've come to the right place to overcome them with total ease!