Dog Walking Jobs

Dog Walking Jobs

Are you looking for a -Dog Walking Job?


Dog walking can be a great career and a lucrative one too, if the idea of having a dog walking job excites you and you have a genuine love of dogs then you will love every minute of it.

There could be many reasons why you are looking for dog walking jobs but the main one is usually when people are looking to earn some extra money, and why not, dog walking jobs can be very lucrative - try out our pet sitters and dog walkers income calculator to estimate how much you could earn from dog walking: 

Do you need to have experience in dog walking? - the simple answer to that question is YES, no one is going to give their beloved dog to a stranger without doing thorough checks first and they are going to want to know what experience you have and how trustworthy you are.

If you don't have any experience in dog walking then before offering a dog walking service you need to get yourself some first, you can do this by offering a free service to friends and family or by getting in touch with your local boarding kennels and offering your services for free. You should also seek out some 'dog walking' books or take a dog walking course - having a qualification behind you is a great way of showing credibility.

So now you have some experience - what's next?

If you don't want the responsibility of running your own dog walking service and would prefer to work for a company then you need to seek out the dog walking businesses in your area via Google or by popping into your local vets and looking on the notice boards, contact them and ask if they are looking for help and tell them what you can offer.

Next you need to get yourself a basic disclosure criminal record check because for dog walking you will probably be holding the owners keys to collect their dog while they are at work, you can apply for this yourself via Disclosures Scotland via their online link at a cost of £25.00 you will need to hold this whether you are working for yourself or if you have a dog walking job.

OK, so now you have some experience and you have your criminal record check, lastly you need insurance, there are many insurers who offer dog walking business insurance and if you join NarpsUK you can get this for just £71.55. If you take a dog walking job via a company then they will already have insurance that covers you too.

So now you are ready to go, you now need to market your services and sell yourself to potential customers. Get some flyers made up (these are free to NarpsUK members), put the flyers in local pet shops, dog groomers and vets, in fact put them up where ever you can. Get your details on pet related websites that offer free listings, if you join NarpsUK you will get extra work from there.

Most dog walkers charge between £8.00 - £15.00 per hour depending on which part of the country you live in. You should Google the term 'dog walker' with your town name next to it to look at other dog walker's websites to find out how much they are charging or you could use the NarpsUK post code search facility to find a local dog walker and check rates. Most dog walkers do not walk more than four dogs at a time, once or twice a day, be sure to pair them up so that the two dogs walking together are compatible. We do not recommend that you let dogs off leads and remember you will need to take dog mess bags with you to clean up dog mess.

You can get all of the forms and contracts you will need by joining NarpsUK too

Now if you are serious about a dog walking job then now is the time to start


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