NarpsUK member Janye Coleman save 16 year old Samyoed

Meet Nikita, the 16-year-old dog saved by new Milton Keynes pet ambulance service Waggin 'N' Walkin

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NarpsUK member saves dog's life

26/06/14 Pet ambulance - 41 Ardwell Lane, Greeleys, MK12 6LTSylvi Nichols Jayne Coleman from Waggin Walkin, which offers a pet ambulance service, with Nikita5 Images

A MILTON Keynes dog walker is taking on a much more vital role in helping look after owners’ much-loved pooches.

Jayne Coleman has set up a pet ambulance or taxi service to take ill dogs to the vets, and it has already been vital in saving the life of 16-year-old Nikita.

The Samoyed, who is blind and deaf, was passing blood just two weeks ago and owners George and Sylvie Nichols feared for her life.

With their own car in the garage getting repaired, Sylvie, 68, called Jayne, who promptly turned up with her Waggin ’N’ Walkin van, and got her to Ashton Lee vets in Newport Pagnell, where she was treated for cystitis.

Now that she has been on antibiotics Nikita is cured, leaving her owner extremely grateful.

“I thought Nikita was on her way out,” said Sylvie.

“Since she has been on antibiotics she has been marvellous and it’s wonderful that Jayne offers this service.”

George added: “It’s nice to know the service is there.”

Jayne, a first canine responder, said the idea for a pet taxi and ambulance service came about after receiving a phone call through her dog walking website to see if it was a service offered.

The Milton Keynes Animal Ambulance founder Ian Fletcher died last year, which means that the city has had no such service until Jayne came along.

But it may not always end as happily as it did for Nikita.

“I know there will be some pets that don’t come back.

“I appreciate that it is a sad fact, not all pets return from the veterinarians after their visit, but people can rest assured that we are compassionate and sensitive to your needs and will do all we can.”

Vets who recommend the company include the Milton Keynes Veterinary Group, Bletchley - Best Friends Veterinary Group, and the Astonlee Veterinary Hospital and Surgery.

For more information on the company, go to

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