Growing Your Pet Sitting Business - Part 4/5

Be Quirky

One of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth and this can also be one of the cheapest methods of growing your business. Word of Mouth is when someone mentions a product, service or event to their family or friends that is worthy of discussion.  For example if you went to your local supermarket to buy some milk, it is unlikely to be worthy of discussion to your friends or family unless something extraordinary happened.

The same applies to running your own pet sitting business. Take a step back and ask yourself how do you compare to your competitors. You may have similar prices, similar services and offer a similar catchment area, but what makes you stand out. What persuades someone looking for a pet sitter in your area to pick you.

Something that can work in your favour is your unique selling point – your quirk. Quirks are sometimes unexpected, usually free or very cheap to employ, and will result in some word of mouth discussion. For example in some gyms, there are personal trainers who will give their clients a free personal training session on their birthday, but they won’t tell them in advance.

Find a quirk that matches your own personality and makes it very personal to your service.

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