13th Jun
How Pet Sitters can Retain Clients
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For pet sitters it’s all about impressing your clients and ensuring that the next time they go away they’ll choose you again. So, how do you create that memorable good impression and ensure that your customers will use you time and time again?

The Basics

Manners, friendliness and just being plain amicable can keep those clients. People want to employ someone they like and won’t like to part their hard earned wages with someone they feel is close to obstinate. Be friendly, on time and helpful in your demeanour in the same manner you would in any job. Pet sitting is both an animal and a people job.

Efficiency:- Take a customer information pack with you when meeting the owner for the first time, be sure to take all of the forms and contracts that need signing with you to the visit and maybe a camera so that you have a photo of ‘Fido’ on his profile.


Being registered goes a long way to helping gain that sense of trust you require. Anyone can call themselves a pet sitter and this can often mean that there are some people out there of dubious nature. Registered pet sitters have to have a basic disclosure Criminal Records Bureau check, which can go a long way to helping your case when people come to make a choice. No one wants to let someone with a criminal background into their home and leave them in charge of some of their prize possessions. Also take your credentials folder which could include your NarpsUK pet sitting course certificate, insurance certificate, NarpsUK membership certificate, home boarding licence issued by your local authority if you have one, CRB check along with some references and doggie pics from existing clients


By constantly adding to the list of services you offer and the training you have undergone, you make a greater case for yourself and your business. People that are more marketable are more inclined to receive more work, as they provide a greater range of services. The more you know how to do, the more likely people will use you and also keep coming back to you.

It’s the little things

For many people it’s the little things that make all the difference. Pet sitters who leave things as they are found, clean up after themselves and do all those little things make all the difference and are seen as more employable than others who begrudgingly do so or don’t do so at all. The smallest additional effort can make all the difference.

Leave a daily report on their dog’s day, did he enjoy his walk? Did he eat all of his food? Did he play fetch with his ball?

Be punctual and reliable, no one is going to keep reusing a pet sitter that is often late for pick-ups or keeps letting them down, most of us will have a day when something unexpected happens and we’re late but try not to make a habit of this as clients won’t accept this too many times.


Have a business card at the ready and give it out to people, friends of people or past customers. The more people who know about what you do, have your number at hand from the previous time they used you, or will recommend you to friends, the better. This is the perfect way to retain and also to create more business for you and so run a successful business.

Creating and retaining clients is in a lot of ways, two sides of the same coin; remember that and you’ll be a long way to success.