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Email: tine@pets-for-life.com

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Company Name:PETS ARE LIFE



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Licensing Borough:tunbride wells borough council
Licence Number:18/501550/DCARE

Services Offered

  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Home Small Animal Boarding
  • House Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Doggie Day Care Center
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals
  • Pet Transport
  • Grooming
  • Dog Training
  • Dog Behaviorist


It’s a Pets Life Your One Stop Pet Services Company You never need to leave your home – We come to you Tine Luhning has been in the dog care business since July 2007 and has since gone from strength to strength. It’s a Pets Life has various like-minded self-employed people providing many different services, with myself overseeing the operations and doing the finances. All of us have various qualifications so that we can provide to you the best care there is in animal services. Dog Walking, Pet Feeding and Sitting, Vet Services, Home Boarding, Doggie Day care, Grooming, Training, Behaviour issues, to just name a few of the services we offer. Most Pet Services Companies operate Monday to Fridays 9am to 4pm. But it is the weekends and the evenings that clients need as well and if one wants to offer something all round one need’s to operate 24/7/365 as we do. Most of our clients have been with us for many years. We find that once the pets join our family they stay and if they move, they come back after some time. From the letters written by some of our clients, it can be seen that our services are appreciated. It’s a Pets Life is not a money making business, you. We “tick over” and “get by” The amounts charged for providing the services cannot be too expensive; they need to be competitively priced as there are many companies offering the same. It’s a Pets Life is priced on the upper end, we offer tailor made services meaning we structure the service needed for each and every client to exactly what they want, for this we are a bit more expensive. Over the years I structured the operation to provide a special and caring service in doggie day care and house-sitting. Pet owners want to have peace of mind when they go to work that their pets are well cared for and the same when they go on holiday. Not all pet owners like to put their dogs in kennels, house-sitting is a perfect alternative as the pet stays in its routine environment and socializes with other pets and has its own holiday. The importance in these 2 services lies in that the dogs are being assessed before a service provision is considered and only those that fit in are chosen, it is not for making money but it is for the wellbeing and enjoyment of the pet. We are the only company offering a pet rehabilitation service. Often this is in conjunction with the vets around us. We care for dogs and cats that have had operations where the owners are unable to and the vets charge to much money. It’s a Pets Life also offer unique dog training services. We do not train by the standard book, we listen to the dog, we are extremely fortunate to have an animal communicator in our midst, and the trainers involve the owners and then establish where the problem lies and start at the roots and work with the dog alone as well as with dog and owner. Our trainers have had wonderful results with their dedication and never giving up to solve whatever the issue may be. Very often we find it is not the dog that has a problem but the owner has it and we then need to train the owner rather than the dog without the owner’s awareness of being trained. No other Company in the vicinity offers this unique service. It’s a Pets Life offers all of the standard services that everyone offers, dog walking, pet sitting, pet feeding, dog grooming, we have a qualified groomer working with us, to name a few. You have to offer these services as there are clients who just want these services for their pets. However our importance lies in providing dogs with the best there is in looking after them in a free and happy environment. Potential clients have to complete a comprehensive set of documents and also sign a contract detailing our terms and conditions. We put emphasis on that a pet is for life, we provide guidance for people wanting to buy a puppy or getting a dog, we look at their situation and then advise them on breed and encourage adopting a rescue dog rather than getting a highly bred pup. We advise clients on the good and the bad of designer breeds, so common to-day and very often favoured, these very often have many issues which come with crossing the breeds. We put importance on what the animals are being fed and offer a service on advising on nutrition for the animals. Some breeds do better on raw feeding some better on dry feeding some on a mixture of both. It’s a Pets Life is a distributor for Acana dry dog food and Natures Menu raw dog food. It’s a Pets Life encourage natural medicines where possible advising our clients what is best for their pet. It is not that we discourage conventional medicine but where possible we prefer natural as there are less side effects and often a cause can be treated. The company has rarely advertised in the open market. Most of our clients come through word of mouth and recommendation from other clients. This is something that we are very proud of. It’s a Pets Life has the required insurance in place, and is NARPS gold registered.

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