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Wuff Wuff Walks

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Mob: 07973407676

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Company Name:Wuff Wuff Walks
Full Name:Allison Roach



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Services Offered

  • Home Dog Boarding
  • Dog Walking
  • Doggie Day Care Center
  • Pop In Service to Feed Animals

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Dog Walking:    £10 per hour for group walks (max 4 dogs)

                        £15 per hour solo walks

Doggy daycare: £20 per day

Dog Boarding:  £25 per day    

Pop in visits:     £7.50 per 1/2 hour visit

                          Ideal for dogs left home alone. We give them a toilet break, fuss, play and feed.

Pet Reiki:          £25 per session (usually 45mins - 1 hour)

                         £100 for 5 session block booking


Hereford City and Credenhill.

Dog walking

Doggy day-care

Dog Boarding

Pop in visits

Pet Reiki