start a dog sitting business

You are either considering starting your own dog sitting business or you have already started one, and you probably have lots of questions and worries going through your mind:- Can I do this properly? Can I earn enough money out of it? Do I need to think about things like insurance or criminal record checks? 

There are many things you will need to consider so get a pen and paper ready and after reading this page go to our NarpsUK member's benefits page which will take you through everything you need to think about to start and run your own successful dog sitting business - step by step.

A dog sitting business is another name used for a dog home boarding business or a pop-in service where the pet sitter will go to the client’s home and sit with the dog/dogs. The way dog sitting works is that a dog owner who is possibly be going on holiday may type into the Google search bar ‘dog sitter London’ and the search will retrieve details of many pet sitters or dog sitters in London, the pet owner will make contact with the dog sitter and arrange to go along to visit the dog sitter with their dog, providing both parties are happy with the arrangement the dog owner will turn up on the agreed date to drop off her dog to be cared for by the dog sitter for the agreed dates.

When seeking a dog sitter a dog owner should ensure that the dog sitter has certain credentials in place before using them. They should be licensed by their local authority if home boarding and should also hold a certificate of insurance, if they are coming to your home you should ask to see a copy of a current criminal record check. You should get references either by looking at feedback on the dog sitter’s website or from independent review sites or ask if you can call and speak to one of the dog sitter’s existing clients. Visit the NarpsUK pet owners page for tips and advice.

Also if home boarding ask if there will be any other dogs boarded with your dog while your dog is there and also check the garden is secure.

A professional dog sitter will ask you to fill in the relevant forms and contracts and leave an emergency number as well as veterinary details and a copy of your dog’s vaccination certificate.

Once you are satisfied that your dog is in good hands you can go on your vacation reassured that your dog will be well cared for and happy while you are away.

You can find a professional pet sitter by going to the NarpsUK website” href=” ” target=”_blank”>NarpsUK website and typing in your postcode or to who hold a list of registered dog sitters throughout the UK