Coastal Villages Pet Care - Pet Sitting Business

3rd Sep

Starting up your own business can be a daunting prospect, but the increased responsibility, piles of paperwork and the uncertainty of income didn’t deter ex-civil servant and mother Sue Eltringham from setting up a successful pet-sitting business on the picturesque coast of East Anglia.

The freedom and opportunity of starting up on her own was something she could only dream of as her children were growing up, and she explains “I was a civil servant for a number of years wh ...

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How to Deal with Excessive Dog Barking

21st Aug

One of the more common behaviour problems dog owner's face is excessive barking.
The good news is there are many things you and your behaviour can do to facilitate the elimination, or at least curtailment, of this behaviour. First, it is important to understand that barking is a normal behaviour for our canine friends. This is one of the ways in which they communicate with each other and with humans as well. Some breeds are more predisposed to bark, although there are loud and quiet member ...

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How to Choose a Pet Sitter before going on Holidays

15th Jul

How to Choose a Pet Sitter before going on Holidays
Aside from turning off the gas at the mains, choosing a good pet sitter when you go away is very important. So, how do you pick from all the individuals out there who’ll offer you quotes for looking after your furry friends when you’re away – well, here’s how.
Responsible Person
You’ll want a responsible person to sit for your pets when you’re away, but aside from choosing someone you know, how can you tru ...

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The Importance of a Basic Disclosure Criminal Record Check for Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

15th Jul

The Importance of a Criminal Record Check - Pet Sitter or Dog Walker holding keys
For a lot of us our pets are as important as our children. Here’s a question – would you leave your children with just anybody? You probably wouldn’t. And here’s something to consider. Your children can tell you if something happens, they can vocalise an event once they’re over a certain age, while your pet can’t. This reason alone makes having a Criminal Record Checked pet sitt ...

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The Benefits of a Trade Asssociation Registered Pet Sitter

25th Jun

The Benefits of a Trade Association Registered Pet Sitter
Pet sitting is an important position of authority and those that perform this job for a living should be able to be trusted to do it properly. This is where a registered pet sitter comes in and their benefits are prevalent.
Criminal Record Checked
Registered pet sitters who hold key should be Criminal Record checked and so will have had a criminal background clearance before they enter your home. This makes sense, especially as you are ...

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